Thursday, 2 February 2012

[535] Monumental Text, Back In Action

Two years ago, as part of the 'Get Ambitious in 2010' initiative, I started a Tumblr called Monumental Text, which was weighted down by a concept that mixed observations about London, photography, and psycho-geographic mumblings. It didn't last long.

Nevertheless, I still took pictures of various signs, plaques and text that I came across throughout London, and I thought that, with the new year and all, it was a good chance to give the project a soft reset. Now, there's less of an emphasis on overwrought, Sinclair-style prose, and more of a focus on the simple stories, lives and insight that can be uncovered by wandering around the capital.

There are still blue plaque pictures, but there are now just as many oddities - from charity coin chutes, to the insignia of the Haberdashers Company. There are also mysteries. What does 'SFG' stand for?  Who is Mr Thomas Peacock, who owned property one foot east of Lytham Street? The old adage is 'if these walls could talk', but in London's case, they often do - and they can tell us a lot about the city and its people.

Perhaps we'll never excavate a London-wide narrative to match my Frederick Parkes Weber project (a prĂ©cis of which was published in Ink+PAPER, now available in digital formats), but give it time, and we'll see what happens. For now, let's accept it for what it is: a glimpse into the endless esoterica of London. Splendid.

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