Sunday, 11 March 2012

[540] Joss Whedon On The Avengers

In case you somehow missed my horrendous name-dropping and smugness on Twitter, here's the highlight of my February: I interviewed Joss Whedon. Somewhere deep inside my cynical, cold self is a glimmer of the 14 year old Buffy obsessive, and he was given a rare moment of fan-squee. It was an experience.

We primarily chatted about Cabin In The Woods, the horror-flick-with-a-twist that Whedon produced and co-wrote, which recently received its festival premiere and will make its way over here in April, but I also made sure to ask about The Avengers, his big shot at summer blockbuster glory.

The embargo for Cabin In The Woods reviews was lifted on Saturday. It's a terrific film - have a read of Sarah Dobbs' review over at Den of Geek if you want more spoiler-free info. Alongside the review, though was a short excerpt of my interview with Whedon. It reads a little like this:

When we asked him about his relationship with Marvel on the movie, he told us that "they really did let me make my own film".

He continued: "They said, ‘here are the things we need; here is the villain, we want this to happen; we need the conflict here; here’s the third act, it will involve the following’. Which I’m fine with. That’s great, give me the parameters, because then I know where I’m going, and it does some of the legwork for me. And I know what their agenda is in terms of style, and what we’re delivering, in terms of thrills and the adherence to the Marvel universe, with which I’m very familiar."

He continued: "But it was like comics, because they didn’t interfere. I told them ‘this is the kind of movie I want to make’, and they said ‘all right, make that movie’. And that is what happened. And they were as unmeddlesome as any studio I’ve ever worked with, even though they had the very strict touchstones that had to happen. So it was a weirdly free experience."

The full interview will be up soon. Stay tuned!

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