Wednesday, 14 March 2012

[542] A Man's Story (2012) Review

Only I could take a flick about a fashion designer, and turn around a review that mainly discusses documentary ethics. This film reviewing lark is fun, isn't it?

While we don’t like to play to stereotype here at Den Of Geek, it’s easy to say that high fashion isn’t our strong suit. So when a documentary comes along that offers an intimate look into the life of designer Ozwald Boateng, our response is almost sickeningly predictable: “Who is Ozwald Boateng?”

You may not have heard of the man, but you certainly know the men he clothes. Boateng’s suits have been worn - and championed - by the likes of Will Smith, Laurence Fishburne and Jamie Foxx, and his designs have appeared in films ranging from The Matrix to Die Another Day.

However, with a title like A Man’s Story, the assumption would be that director Varon Bonicos’ thesis is that Boateng, despite his sharp suits and international renown, is a normal chap, with everyday problems and doubts. By going down this indefinite route - seriously, you can’t get a more non-specific title - the film effectively skips over the qualities that make this man so special.

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