Thursday, 3 May 2012

[546] Ginger Heroes

It's May! How did that happen? Time has been flying, and I've been very busy indeed. Expect a bunch of updates over the coming days, but here's an article I've been, well, destined to write my whole life.

Yes, over at MSN, I count down my favourite, film-y ginger heroes. Immense fun! And the editors even added one in afterwards. Can you guess which?

You know, it's not easy being ginger. Name-calling, freckles, sunburn - these are but three of the problems plaguing young redheads the world over.

But wait, fear no more. This summer, all fair-skinned ginger-nuts can stand side-by-side and herald the coming of Merida, the carrot-topped heroine of Disney-Pixar's upcoming animated adventure Brave, due for release on 17 August.

To celebrate, let's round-up the redheads for a ginger jamboree! Please join us as we look back at the most august of auburn-locked stars, from past to present.

Read the full article here.

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