Friday, 4 May 2012

[547] Elfie Hopkins Interviews: Jaime Winstone, Ryan Andrews & Aneurin Barnard

British film! Here's a little bit of press junket coverage I did for Youngsters talking about being young filmmakers in a fresh-faced fashion.

'It's like being a plasterer: the more you do it, the better you get.'

Ryan Andrews has been working hard, but the slog is finally paying off. His feature-length, directorial debut, Elfie Hopkins, is due for release this week, putting an end to five years of hard graft.

The film, in his words a mixture of 'American Grunge and British Twee', is a collision of aesthetic styles and narrative influences, from Tim Burton and fashion photography, to the stories of Raymond Chandler and Roald Dahl. Our young protagonist, the titular Elfie (Jaime Winstone), skulks around her rural Welsh town, playing the wannabe super-sleuth in Doc Martens and John Lennon shades. However, when a mysterious new family move in, this grunge-y gumshoe unearths more than she'd ever bargained for.

Starring bright young things Winstone and Aneurin Barnard (last seen in Marc Evans’ nostalgic Welsh drama Hunky Dory), the film’s mix of genre tropes, meticulous production design and lush cinematography makes it a very unlikely project for a first-time filmmaker, especially considering the supposedly cash-strapped, risk-averse times that currently plague the film industry.

Last week, on the cusp of the film's release, we sat down with Andrews, Winstone and Barnard, and spoke with them about starting out in the film world, building confidence and contacts, and how a film like Elfie Hopkins gets made.

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