Thursday, 17 May 2012

[554] Dark Shadows (2012) Review

If we were in the business of giving out ‘tl;dr’ versions of our reviews, we’d have this to say about Dark Shadows: yep, all the doubts and fears inspired by the film’s trailer are dead on target.

For the last ten or so years, since the sentimental Big Fish, Tim Burton has been honing his previously odd, gothic-meets-kitsch aesthetic into a rich, pristine gloss, all the while trampling on familiar properties from Sweeney Todd to Willy Wonka. 2010’s Alice In Wonderland was not only Burton’s most expensive, but his most successful film to date, but it found the director, who was once feted as the most distinctive of modern Hollywood visionaries, slipping towards humdrum mundanity.

Here, Burton is once more playing with other people’s creations, but after the family entertainment of Alice and Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, Dark Shadows, based on the 60s television show, is a shift towards supernatural comedy. Hopeful fans would point to the unhinged Beetlejuice or the madcap mess of Mars Attacks as positive precedents, but Burton, as is becoming sadly apparent with the passing of time, never fails to disappoint.

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