Monday, 28 May 2012

[556] 2 Days In New York (2012) Review

Back in 2007, French actress Julie Delpy stepped behind the camera, and quietly put out 2 Days In Paris, a modest comedy-drama that mixed together the neurotic quirks and cutaways of Annie Hall, and the walk-and-talk navel gazing of Before Sunrise and Before Sunset.

But Delpy proved to be much more than the sum of her influences, as the film cut straight to the heart of its central relationship - that of Delpy's nervous thirtysomething Marion and her nebbish American beau Jack, played by Adam Goldberg - while delivering both a searing portrait of its Parisian surroundings, and a consistently well-observed meet-the-parents farce.

In that latter regard, the ace up Delpy's sleeve came in the form of Albert Delpy, the director's real-life father, who played her fictional dad Jeannot with an overweight, lascivious abandon. Flash forward five years, and Jeannot is back (although sadly without Marie Pillet, his on- and off-screen wife, and Delpy's mother, who passed away in the interim) jetting across the Atlantic to visit his daughter in the Big Apple, as she mounts an ambitious photography exhibition.

Jack is long gone, and Marion now lives with Mingus (Chris Rock), a radio DJ, with his daughter, and her son. Their life together is one of comfort, routine and, whisper it, maturity - and it is ripe for disruption of a distinctly Gallic variety. Accompanying Jeannot is Marion's sister Rose (Alexia Landeau) and ex-lover Manu (Alexandre Nahon, both credited as co-writers), and the trio waste no time causing all sorts of fuss for their hosts.

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