Monday, 11 June 2012

[560] Ray Winstone Interview

Ray Winstone’s ‘hard man’ reputation precedes him, but it takes no longer than a second for it to dissipate.

In a Central London hotel room, at an advance press junket for Snow White And The Huntsman, in which he plays one of the eight (!) dwarves in newcomer Rupert Sanders’ radical, epic reworking of the well-known fairy tale, Winstone stands at the window, slowly working his way through a packet of cigarettes.

He’s super cool, but before long he’s gushing. Gushing about working with confident filmmakers, about the relevance of fairy stories, and about how lucky he feels to be a hard-working, in-demand actor.

He even talks about that ‘tough guy’ image, but by then the spell has been long broken...

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